March 4th, 2015
laura Lucha

New Lucha Menu Launch!


Our brand new menu launched today Amigos, we’ve been so excited for this one so please pop in very soon to try the wide range of dishes, new and improved.  From Taquitos to our delicious new Street Food Trays, you’re sure to find more than one new favourite. There’s new additions to every section on the menu and of course we’ll still be serving a whole host of your Mexican favourites that you know and love so well, we’ve just improved and enhanced all the flavours in every single recipe.




Our menu features some fantastic new dishes, like our Taquitos for example, these Mexican spring rolls will soon become a firm favourite at lunch time we’re sure. In the nibbles section we have a selection of Tamales which are a comfort food in Mexico, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. You also have to try the new Lucha fried chicken wings, the chicken is marinated in buttermilk and fried in a special crumb mix and it really is simply delicious, especially with the gravy sauce……we highly recommend you get a portion of the new jalepeno slaw to go along side, the two compliment each other wonderfully, infact our house slaw goes with just about anything on the menu! 




Wait till you feast your eyes on our new Surf n turf platter, it’s incredible and includes a variety of delicious elements including our famous Margarita prawns, monkfish & chorizo skewers, spiced brisket, BBQ ribs, Al Pastor with crackling, Lucha Fried Chicken wings, chipotle gravy & jalapeño slaw. Maybe order a portion of dirty fries to go with and you might never eat anywhere else again! 😉 



After listening to some of your feedback in the past we’ve included some delicious new options for vegetarians on this menu including Tostadas, Taquitos & the new cauliflower and beetroot tacos. Check out the nibbles section too as we think you’ll love the new tamale bites and sweetcorn fritters! We can’t wait for your feedback on this!





As if all of the above wasn’t enough, our dessert menu has been totally  transformed with delicious puds such as the lemon curd meringue cheesecake, Nutella quesadilla, roast pineapple taco and an improved brownie recipe. We know this leaves you with an impossible task to choose just one so we’ve created an amazing sweet food tray so you can have a little try of everything! 🙂

IMG_4606 IMG_4585


We must not forget to mention the incredible skills of the artist who’s worked lovingly on our new menu, it truly is a work of art and does more justice to our food then any picture ever could, thank you to local graphic designer, Mark Cutler for all your hard work. (


Good luck to Team Lucha and a big thank you to the chefs who have worked so hard creating this menu, we hope you all enjoy our new dishes! Remember to tweet us @luchaliverpool/@luchamanchester with your feedback and get instagramming your pictures @luchaliverpool/@luchamanchester