February 17th, 2017

National Margarita Day 2017


National Margarita Day: 22 February 2017

National Margarita Day was started to celebrate the margarita, plain and simple. Its the friendships, the good times and the memories that are made over and over again as we honour this much loved famous Tequila cocktail.

If you cant enjoy it in sunny Mexico then let Lucha Libre give you a taste of the sunny streets of Jalisco right in the heart of Liverpool!

To Celebrate National Margarita day on the 22nd of Feb, we will be running a special Margarita menu, 2 for 1 on frozen margaritas and smashing out £5 Tommys Margaritas ALL WEEK!

To learn how to make the perfect Margarita see below for Lucha’s very own perfected recipe! If youre feeling adventurous, add add a spoon of marmalade and enjoy a Breakfast Margarita

Classic Margarita

Preparation Time: 5 Mins


40ml Herradura Plata Tequila

20ml Cointreau Liqueur

20ml Fresh Lime Juice 


Shake with ice and fine strain over ice (do not over dilute).


Lime wheel

Salt rim (preferably coarse sea salt, or why not make one of our flavoured salts below***) 


Margarita glass or Coupette

Small measuring spoons

Cocktail shaker

Hawthorn strainer

Small tea strainer


Combine 100gm of dried chilies with 100g coarse sea salt in a pestle mortar. Mix and grind. 

Do not overdo, a coarse texture is preferred.

Wet the rim of your glass with a lime wedge and roll in the coarse chilli salt. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy muchacha’s!!