April 11th, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday to Lucha Libre & Maya!!


Happy Happy Birthday!!

As Lucha’s 5th birthday approaches we’re giving you 5 good reasons why Tequila is good for you, especially as we will be celebrating all week with plenty of the good stuff!!

Join us next Thursday 20th April as Lucha will be celebrating and giving all guests 50% OFF their food bill. Simply turn up, check-in and wish us a ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to receive the discount. 

We might even throw in a free round of Tequila’s so make sure its a good Juan!! Salud! So as promised here’s 5 good reasons why YOU should be celebrating and drinking Tequila with us next week:

1. It aids in weight loss … Yes Amigos!! You heard correctly. Apparently there are certain components in tequila called GLP-1 which is a hormone that slows the stomach from emptying, thereby stimulating production of insulin and making you feel fuller for longer. You can thank our friends at the American Chemical Society (SCS) for that one.

2. It’s Gluten FREE!! For those grain avoiding amigos, tequila ranks among the safest spirits you can drink. It’s distilled from agave (which is a fruit) and there’s not a single trace of wheat or barley. So to make sure that you tequila is gluten free, be sure that the bottle says “100% agave.

3. It aids digestion … Taking a shot of tequila after a meal has been linked to aiding digestion as well. Some suggest a shot before a meal to rev up your metabolism and appetite, and then a shot after to soothe and assist digestion.

4. It helps curb insomnia … Thanks to it’s relaxing benefits, tequila can help calm the nerves and may even aid in inducing sleep for the deprived. It’s best not to depend on any substance, particularly alcohol, on a regular basis. But now and then it may just be that extra something you can enjoy to unwind. And snooze!

5. And the one we all really want to hear is that you don’t really get hungover!! If you indulge in pure 100% agave tequila, you’re usually safe in moderation. And were not talking about the crap watered down gold tequila most people are accustomed to.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days as we will be giving away a complimentary booth in Maya with a free bottle of Tequila to continue the birthday celebrations long into the weekend!


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